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Visa Application

Important Visa Information

We encourage international participants who need a tourist visa to enter Japan to prepare in advance.
It is much easier to proceed the application through a local travel agency in your area to obtain a tourist visa than to get a visa through the Japanese Embassy and Consulate.
Use a visa search tool below to enter your citizenship and destination to determine if you will require a travel visa.


Check to see if you require a visa through "Visa Application Procedures" at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


Please note that in order to complete your visa application through the Japanese Embassy and Consulate, you do need an official invitation letter AND other relevant documents from organizer.
These documents will be provided after you complete your registration payment and submit a filled-out visa questionnaire that includes necessary information at an additional cost.
Should you wish to obtain the documents, please contact neuro2018@c-linkage.co.jp

Time required to issue visa:
The period required from the visa application to the issuance of the visa is approximately 7 working days.

What is the cost of a visa?
Visa fees vary depending on nationality. Check with the nearest Consulate for further information

Embassy contact information:
Contact nearest Japanese Embassy for further information.

Contact Information

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