Rinsho Shinkeigaku (Clinical Neurology)

The 45th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neurology

Channelopathy update

Takayoshi Kobayashi, M.D., Ph.D.

Department of Neurology, Nakano General Hospital

Electrophysiological techniques, molecular technology and molecular genetics have been quickly developed in the late 20th century. Now many genetical abnormalities of channel proteins including voltage gated ion channels, ligand gated ion channels and Ca induced Ca channel have been discovered. In this article, I briefly review these genetical abnormality of ion channels ("channelopathies") and the pathophysiological background of these channelopathies.

(CLINICA NEUROL, 44: 938|939, 2004)
key words: ion channel, channelopathy, molecular genetics

(Received: 12-May-04)