Rinsho Shinkeigaku (Clinical Neurology)

Case Report

A case of Turner syndrome complicated with brain infarction.

Tadashi Terasaki, M. D. , Yoichiro Hashimoto, M. D. , Fumio Miyashita, M. D. , Yanosuke Kozaki, M. D. , Masaki Naganuma, M. D. , Makoto Uchino M. D. 1) and Hiroyo Mabe M. D. 2)

Department of Neurology and Strokology, Kumamoto City Hospital
Department of Neurology1) and Child Development2), Kumamoto University School of Medicine

A 21 year-old female college student with a history of Turner syndrome at age 9, and 6-year growth hormon replacement therapy noticed weakness of right extremities when she got up on March 26, 2001. On admission, she showed right hemiparesis (4+/5) and hypesthesia on the right of body. The hemiparesis progressed (3-/5) in spite of antithrombotic therapy. Brain MRI revealed a high intensity lesion with a diameter of 1.5cm in the posterior limb of the left internal capsule and putamen on DWI and T2WI. MR angiography and TC-CFI revealed no stenosis in her left middle cerebral artery, but>50% stenosis in the horizontal portion (M1) of her right middle cerebral artery. Branch lesions were presumed to exist in the left M1. Non-atherosclerotic angiopathy, coagulopathy, and other conventional risk factors of brain infarction were not found. Pathogenesis of Turner syndrome might have played a role in the development of brain infarction in this patient.

(CLINICA NEUROL, 42: 145|148, 2002)
key words: Turner syndrome, brain infarction in young adult, brain infarction

(Received: 19-Oct-01)