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Vol.43 No.3 contents

Original Article

Validation of the Japanese version of the Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire

Junko Kohmoto, M.D.1), Sadayoshi Ohbu, M.D.2), Masanori Nagaoka, M.D.3), Yoshimi Suzukamo, PhD.6), Tameko Kihira, M.D.1), Yoshikuni Mizuno, M.D.4), Yoichi M. Ito, M. Hlth. Sc.5), Takuhiro Yamaguchi, PhD.5), Yasuo Ohashi, PhD.5), Shunichi Fukuhara, M.D.6) and Tomoyoshi Kondo, M.D.1)

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 71|76, 2003

Original Article

Process of swallowing disturbance in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis -Evaluation of videofluorography and respiratory function-

Sonoko Nozaki, M.D., Atsuhiro Kunitomi, M.D., Toshio Saito, M.D., Tsuyoshi Matsumura, M.D. and Susumu Shinno, M.D.

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 77|83, 2003

Original Article

Writing Disorders in Primary Progressive Aphasia

Chiyoko Nagai, M.D. and Makoto Iwata, M.D.

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 84|92, 2003

Case Report

A case with myositis as a manifestation of chronic graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD) with severe muscle swelling developed after aggressive muscular exercise

Satoko Kano, M.D.1), Jun Shimizu, M.D.1), Takashi Mikata, M.D.1), Takashi Shinoe, M.D.1), Hidetaka Ota, M.D.2), Yukiko Komeno, M.D.2), Seishi Ogawa, M.D.2), Hisamaru Hirai, M.D.2) and Ichiro Kanazawa, M.D.1)

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 93|97, 2003

Case Report

A case of childhood multiple sclerosis presented with meningitis and multiple silent plaques

Akiou Yoshihara, M.D., Takahiko Yamanoi, M.D., Sanae Takahashi, M.D. and Teiji Yamamoto, M.D.

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 98|101, 2003

Case Report

Two patients with different types of vasculitic neuropathy -A comparison between cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa and nonsystemic vasculitic neuropathy-

Naoki Hagiwara, M.D., Yoshiki Sekijima, M.D., Takeshi Hattori, M.D., Takao Hashimoto, M.D. and Shu-ichi Ikeda M.D.

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 102|108, 2003

Case Report

A case of spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 presenting with lid retraction with prominent eyes and pyramidal signs

Ichiro Kohira, M.D.1), Hiroshi Ujike, M.D.2) and Yotaro Ninomiya, M.D.1)

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 109|112, 2003

Case Report

Symmetrical necrosis in the gray matter of the brainstem and spinal cord. Two adult cases of anoxic encephalopathy

Mariko Yamashita, M.D. and Toru Yamamoto, M.D.

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 113|118, 2003

Brief Clinical Note

A case of extramedullary multiple myeloma manifested as an epidural mass in the cervical spinal cord

Hijiri Itoh, M.D.1), Itsuro Tomita, M.D.1), Hideyo Satoh, M.D.1), Akira Satoh, M.D.1), Makiko Seto, M.D.1), Mitsuhiro Tsujihata, M.D.1) and Hisanobu Uematsu, M.D.2)

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 119|121, 2003

Brief Clinical Note

Abnormalities on Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Transient Ischemic Attack

Tomomi Nakamura, M.D.1)2), Shinichiro Uchiyama, M.D.2), Yasuro Shibagaki, M.D.1) and Makoto Iwata, M.D.2)

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 122|125, 2003

Brief Clinical Note

A case of brain infarction with nephrotic syndrome

Masaki Naganuma, M.D.1), Rhyoko Sugimoto, M.D.1), Yoichiro Hashimoto, M.D.1), Yutaka Matsuura, M.D.2), Tadashi Terasaki, M.D.2) and Uchino Makoto, M.D.3)

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 126|129, 2003

Brief Clinical Note

Entrapment neuropathy of the tibial nerve by a Baker's cyst: Case report

Ichiro Kohira, M.D.1), Masahide Kawamura, M.D.2), Naho Kamata, M.D.2) and Yotaro Ninomiya1)

CLINICA NEUROL, 43: 130|132, 2003